About Us


Since its inception in 1969, MAFA has been dedicated to seeking answers to crop problems through innovative agricultural research and the development of solutions for plant nutrition and protection. We specialize in the formulation of phytobiotics, biostimulants, fertilizers, and soil and water regulators.
At MAFA, we work with the goal of assisting farmers, caring for the health of the field, and making crops more profitable and healthier.


The R&D department has an annual allocation that exceeds 3% of the company’s turnover for the financing of research projects. We have a technical team whose objective is to ensure the highest quality guarantees in the final product. Additionally, we collaborate with public and private research centers, officially recognized laboratories, as well as GLP (Good Laboratory Practice) certified facilities.

We share the vision of becoming a company capable of implementing environmentally-friendly agriculture and fully achieving sustainable agricultural development while preserving natural resources.


Our innovative mission comes to life through the expansion of our products across five continents. Today, we have a presence in Europe, Middle Eastern countries such as Egypt, Turkey, Iran, Jordan, the United Arab Emirates, among others. In 2018, we established a subsidiary in Mexico to meet the marketing needs of the American continent.

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